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Medical Tourism Research: Facts And Figures 2015

Business Report

Author: Ian Youngman, specialist business writer on medical tourism

Published: May 2015

Pages: over 1500

The report costs £1199.

Special offer: Just £999 for past purchasers of Medical Tourism Facts and Figures

If you bought any of our previous Medical Tourism Facts and Figures reports (2012, 2013 or 2014) then you can get a discounted price of £999 for our latest report. This offer is valid until 20 June 2015.

Report summary

6 million people travel for medical treatment from one country to another, and if you add in those who travel a distance within a country-it exceeds 10 million a year.

For 2015 the widely respected annual report on medical tourism facts and figures has had a makeover to put medical tourism into context.

  • More countries- 162 very detailed profiles
  • More information on local healthcare and healthcare insurance of all types
  • More detail on local medical tourism
  • More global information on medical tourism and healthcare
  • An extended and better layout for country profiles information
  • An extended and more logical layout for information 


This report puts medical tourism back into the context of what local healthcare offers, what compulsory and voluntary health insurance covers- the drivers of inbound and outbound business.

Although full regulation is far off, more countries are bringing in regulation on who can offer local medical tourism, or becoming tougher on what agencies and others can say on adverts.

Author comment;“ This massive report is the result of over a decade of research and collecting information on the subject – and a perfect antidote to the guesses and estimates that have been transformed into Internet facts.”

While some countries are doing very well out of medical tourism, others have struggled to compete or even get started.

Author comment” Medical tourism is often wrongly promoted as a magical formula to solve local healthcare, tourism and economic problems; while there is a backlash against dangerous surgery, and an increasingly vexed debate on the effect on local healthcare. “

Too many countries and businesses have lost money by going into medical tourism without doing proper research on competitors and potential customers. This report is essential for anyone entering or promoting medical tourism.