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Medical Tourism Research: Facts And Figures 2014

Business Report

Author: Ian Youngman, specialist business writer on medical tourism

Published: December 2013

Pages: over 800+

The report costs £999.

Report summary: Medical Tourism Research Facts And Figures 2014

Is medical tourism dead or alive?

  • Medical tourism is growing everywhere and will continue to grown rapidly, driven by price?
  • Medical tourism is mainly a myth and not growing?

These two contrary views have had much coverage but are both simplistic and wrong.

The latest report ‘ Medical Tourism Facts and Figures 2014’ is a good counterpoint to those who would have you believe that the market is growing very fast everywhere. This research suggests that there is growth, but some countries are increasing business, others are static and others are seeing less business.

It is very much a regional business, and there is a huge move away from price competition to competition on quality, niches and even luxury.

Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea are examples where government support has proved very successful at increasing business year on year, while places like India where governments have done little have seen numbers fall.

The global price driven model is replaced by a regional one based on culture, quality, and availability.

Six years have passed since the first Facts and Figures report; the industry has moved on and become more professional-learning from successes and failures.

If you want real information on the state of the industry, rather than hysterical hype or poorly informed doom, this is the only report that is impartial, as the author is not trying to sell consultancy or conferences.

Looking at many of the countries talked about at conferences as leading medical tourism locations, when you drill down to figures the actual numbers are either often very small or in decline.

There are also countries that have a much lower press and conference profile; some of these have actual numbers bigger than twenty “wannabees” combined.

War, revolution, natural disasters and changing travel habits make the medical tourism industry of 2014 far different from what it was in 2008 and very unlike how the “masters of hype” portray it.

If you want the real truth of where medical tourism is now and where it is going, this report is essential reading.

This is an independent report from specialist author Ian Youngman. No country, organisation, or website has any editorial involvement.