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Acceleration in Medical tourism to India- thanks to recession

The economic slowdown is turning to be a boon for Indian health care industry as more and more people are opting to come to India for expensive medical procedures. There has been an increase of about 30 percent in the number of patients coming to India in the last few months, say a few industry insiders. ?A friend of nine who had received her treatment in India last year recommended that I should go to India for surgery after I lost my job and could not afford my knee replacement surgery in the US? says Cecile from Florida who had been suffering from intense pain in her knee but could not afford surgery in US because of reduced medical coverage by her employee. ?I am very happy to be here. I got my surgery including airfare and everything at less than half of what it would have cost me in the United States. I am ready to go back to US, all fit and satisfied with my surgery and the entire experience?. ? ?People are coming to India not only because the cost of procedures is much less, but the health care facilities are as good as what they would get in their home country. Coupled with the favorable exchange rate and slashed air fares, both patients and health care providers are in a win-win situation? says Dr Ruchika Malhotra of Indicure, the health care facilitation or medical tourism company. People often choose to come through a medical tourism company because they are provided with various options, get bundled services and with Indicure we offer them a discounted package on various procedures. The process of Medical tourism is not new, but has recently accelerated because of the recession, says Dr Ruchika from Indicure.
Published12 May 2009
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