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American Medical Tourism Facilitators visit Min-Sheng Hospital

Taiwan’s Min-Sheng Hospital foray into medical tourism is attracting the attention of foreign companies.

Mr. Jeffrey Carter, CEO of Patients Without Borders, and Mr. Robin Elsham, Managing Director of Patients with Passports recently visited Min-Sheng Hospital.

Mr. Carter purposely flew in from Korea, where he was a guest of the Korean council for the promotion of healthcare in that country. Mr. Elsham visited on his way from Manila, where he attended an international conference. They both wanted to strengthen personal ties with the International Healthcare Center, and discuss ways to develop the burgeoning cooperation between their companies and Min-Sheng Hospital.

Patients Without Borders and Patients with Passports are medical travel companies based in the U.S, that have added Min-Sheng Hospital to their select network of international providers. They chose to partner with Min-Shen Hospital after a thorough evaluation of the hospital’s facilities, care process, and experience in international healthcare.

Messrs. Carter and Elsham were both impressed by the facilities that they visited, and the professionalism of the staff. They were also surprised at the level of insight and understanding of the medical travel business in America, demonstrated by the International Healthcare Department at Min-Sheng. Mr. Carter and Elsham expressed their enthusiasm at the opportunities the cooperation between their companies and Min-Sheng Hospital will create in the future.
Published14 April 2009
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Min-Sheng General Hospital
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