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Medical tourism (health tourism) press releases

Press release

News travels fast, particularly in an online environment where a news story can be picked up in a matter of minutes by the main search engines and viewable to anybody anywhere in the world.


Writing a press release gets your news out to the masses and helps build trust and respectability in your brand.



If you have a news item or press release that you think may be of interest to the International Medical Travel Journal please submit a news item here.

News article titleContentPublishedAuthor / SourceCountry
Rare Hip Replacement in India for...United States of America, 10 June...12 June 2009Dr.A.K.VenkatachalamIndia
Jackson International Chooses...Miami, June 9, 2009 –Jackson...17 June 2009 MedicaView International, Inc.United States
Liverpool man given new lease of life...Harry Bell, a former tennis coach and...17 June 2009Euromedical ToursCroatia
Best law firm in New York - With an...Akglaw, well known Staten Island law...18 June 2009AkglawUnited States
Dental Clinic Vivadent - Dental Tourism...The stomatological clinic Vivadent is...23 June 2009Dental Clinic VivadentSerbia
PCB (Printed Circuit Board assembly) PCB (Printed Circuit Board assembly)...29 June 2009  
Asian Medical Tourism Association...At a recent meeting in Phuket ,...01 July 2009Lira NuezaThailand
EXPLODING Company Launching in...My name is Eric Mallari and I am a...02 July 2009 Philippines
Hip Resurfacing Surgery India CenterAsian Regional Center for Hip...06 July 2009Arch India HipIndia
Asian RegionalCenter for Hip...Prayer works BIG BIG THANK YOUS TO...06 July 2009archindiahipIndia