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Medical tourism guide: Step 5

Check out medical qualifications

Having well-qualified and experienced staff is a major selling point for clinics and treatment providers so you shouldn’t have to work hard to find out the background of the person who will be treating you – if they’re the best, it’s in the clinic’s best interest to advertise the fact! In theory, it makes sense to check whether qualifications are genuine, but in practise, few people do.

A more time-efficient way of checking authenticity is to make sure your medical professional is registered with the relevant accreditation body in their country such as the National Council of the Order of Doctors in France or the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI). You should be able to do this by email and good treatment providers should be happy to provide details of the relevant website address – if they don’t, find another clinic.

  • The International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has an advanced global Surgeon Finder tool (www.isaps.org).

  • If your surgeon of dentist has trained or worked in the UK they will be listed on the General Medical Council’s (GMC) register.


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