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Medical tourism and medical travel resources

The IMTJ Resources Directory brings together a variety of resources related to medical travel. These include blogs, books, marketing advice, presentations, press releases, research and statistics and useful links.

You can search the health travel resources directory below or select a resources section from the right hand menu for specific resources.

Featured resources

Medical Tourism Facts And Figures 2015

6 million people travel for medical treatment from one country to another, and if you add in those who travel a distance within a country-it exceeds 10 million a year. For 2015 the widely respected annual report on medical tourism facts and figures has had a makeover to put medical tourism into context.


Central and South America: Health insurance, healthcare and medical tourism 2014

Central and South America is an area with a high profile in healthcare, health insurance and medical tourism. Many insurers and the countries themselves, see potential for health insurance and medical tourism.


Medical Tourism Reports: 10% discount off full price

IMTJ is offering two medical tourism reports at a discounted rate if both are purchased together. The discounted bundled rate represents a saving of £125, which is 10% off the full price for both reports.


Targeting medical tourists from the UK 2014

The British are again travelling abroad in substantial numbers, but will they go overseas for medical treatment? Many organisations target the UK as they have read somewhere or been told at a conference that it has huge potential. But few take the time or trouble to study the UK market, which is why many attempts fail.


Medical Tourism Climate Survey 2014

The Medical Tourism Climate Survey 2014, carried out for the International Medical Travel Journal, canvassed the views of  over 280 clinics, hospitals and medical tourism businesses in 60 countries about the current market for medical tourism and their expectations for the future.

International and expatriate healthcare and insurance 2014

'International and expatriate healthcare and insurance 2014’, the latest report from insurance analyst Ian Youngman, puts the international and expatriate health insurance market in perspective and offers valuable insight into the nature of the current and future market. 


IMTJ Medical Tourism PriceWatch 2013

Participate in IMTJ Medical Tourism PriceWatch 2013... AND obtain a free copy of a report worth £550.

As the medical tourism market develops, there’s an increasing need to provide reliable, well-researched data on aspects of the international patient market.

Price plays an important factor in patient choice in medical travel. In recent years, Intuition has researched and published Treatment Abroad PriceWatch, the first comprehensive report on prices for surgery, cosmetic surgery, dentistry and infertility treatment abroad.


International Wellness & Spa Tourism Monitor 2013

The Tourism Observatory for Health, Wellness and Spa proudly announces the first benchmarking study, titled International Wellness & Spa Tourism Monitor. This path making report was prepared in cooperation with Danubius Hotels Group and enjoyed endorsement from over 50 global companies ...

Treatment Abroad Medical Tourism Survey 2012

The 2012 Treatment Abroad Medical Tourism Survey explores the experiences of patients who have gone abroad for some form of surgery, medical or dental treatment.

The potential of domestic US Medical Travel

An essential independent guide for employers, hospitals, insurers, insurance brokers, employee benefits consultants, travel agencies, medical tourism agencies, consultants, and official bodies.


Medical tourism report: “Travelling for health: The potential for medical tourism”

“Travelling for health: The potential for medical tourism”, the new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit, looks at what is behind the growth of the medical tourism industry, and which destination countries it thinks will benefit most. 15% discount available with the IMTJ discount code.


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