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Directory of medical tourism companies

The International Medical Travel Journal directory includes medical tourism agencies, hospitals, clinics, doctors and dentists worldwide that specialise in providing treatment for patients from abroad. These health tourism listings include basic information such as contact details, and a brief profile. 

Featured provider of medical tourism services

Euromedical Tours

Euromedical Tours is a UK based company providing a low cost option for people in the UK who are considering cosmetic surgery in India. Euromedical Tours will...

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Add your business to the IMTJ Medical Travel Directory

Do you provide services to international patients? If you run a hospital, clinic, medical tourism agency or medical travel business, and would like to be listed in the IMTJ Medical Travel Directory, please complete the form to submit details of your healthcare facility or business. Basic listings are FREE.


View the directory

OrganisationCountries where treatment is providedTreatments and services offeredCountry
DEMC Specialist Hospital - Shah AlamMalaysiaCT and MRI scans, Infertility treatment, Surgery – General, Surgery – Gynaecology, Surgery - OrthopaedicMalaysia
Demetris Portides Dental ClinicCyprusDentistryCyprus
Denian Clinics (Regenerative Med Rehab - Aesthetic & Therapeutic) Cancer treatment, Care of the elderly, CT and MRI scans, Hair transplantation, Infertility treatment, Stem cell treatment, Surgery - Cosmetic and plastic, Surgery – Eye, Surgery – General, Surgery –...Jordan
Dent EliteHungaryDentistryHungary
Dent EstetRomaniaDentistryRomania
Dent Inn - The Dental ClinicNepalDentistryNepal
Dent IQSloveniaDentistrySlovenia
Denta Pro Dental Clinic in SofiaBulgariaDentistryBulgaria
Dentadent Specialist Dentists Center Clinic TurkeyDentistryTurkey
Denta-joyThailand Thailand
Dental & Implantology Unit at St James HospitalMaltaDentistryMalta
Dental + HolidaysSpainDentistrySpain
Dental 1 Holidays TurkeyDentistryUnited Kingdom
Dental AdriaticCroatiaDentistryCroatia
dental aesthetic practice CroataiaCroatia Croatia
Dental AestheticsIndiaDentistryIndia
Dental Aesthetics Center MunichGermanyDentistryGermany
Dental ArtPolandDentistryPoland
Dental Assistance HungaryHungaryDentistryHungary
Dental Care Antalya TurkeyDentistryTurkey
Dental Care Atalaya ParkSpainDentistrySpain
Dental Care Centre Pvt. Ltd.India India
Dental Care India TourIndiaDentistryIndia
Dental Care LondonHungaryDentistryHungary
Dental Centar DubravicaCroatiaDentistryCroatia
Dental Centre Turkey TurkeyDentistryTurkey
Dental Clinic DSdent BulgariaDentistryBulgaria
Dental Clinic Healthy Dent DentistryGeorgia
Dental Clinic JelusicCroatiaDentistryCroatia
Dental Clinic MarbellaSpainDentistrySpain
Dental Clinic of Chania GreeceDentistryGreece
Dental Clinic VivadentSerbia Serbia
Dental Council, Lda PortugalDentistryPortugal
Dental Creations IndiaDentistryIndia
Dental Departures28 countries around the globeDentistryUnited States of America
Dental Design GuatemalaGuatemalaDentistryGuatemala
Dental DestinationsMexico, Costa Rica, PanamaDentistryPanama
Dental Fagus HungaryDentistryHungary
Dental Group ServicePolandDentistryPoland
Dental HolidaySlovakiaDentistrySlovakia
Dental HotelHungaryDentistryHungary
Dental Implant Aesthetic ClinicPolandDentistryPoland
Dental Implant Clinic Saudi ArabiaDentistrySaudia Arabia
Dental Implantoprosthetic CenterCroatiaDentistryCroatia
Dental MGermany Germany
Dental Network BudapestHungaryDentistryHungary
Dental Office H33Czech RepublicDentistryCzech Republic
Dental Office LtdHungaryDentistryHungary
Dental PantalonCroatiaDentistryCroatia
Dental PlanetSpainDentistrySpain
Dental Policlinic Dr. GikićCroatia Croatia
Dental Polyclinic Dr. Hodzic & Center for Regenerative Medicine CroatiaDentistryCroatia
Dental Practice ORTO SerbiaDentistrySerbia
Dental PrestigePolandDentistryUnited Kingdom
Dental Professional AradRomaniaDentistryRomania
Dental ResortPolandDentistryPoland
Dental Retreat South Africa South AfricaDentistrySouth Africa
Dental Service HungaryHungaryDentistryHungary
Dental Studio Line HungaryDentistry, Medical and health spas, Other servicesHungary
Dental Team PolandPolandDentistryPoland
Dental Tours IrelandHungaryDentistryIreland
Dental TravelPolandDentistryPoland
Dental Travel Art RomaniaDentistryRomania
Dental Travel HungaryHungaryDentistryUnited Kingdom
Dental Travel MacedoniaMacedoniaDentistryMacedonia
Dental Travel PolandPolandDentistryPoland
Dental Travel RomaniaRomaniaDentistryRomania
Dental Travel ServicesHungaryDentistryHungary
Dental Treatment Central EuropeHungary, PolandDentistryUnited Kingdom
Dental Treatment HungaryHungaryDentistryUnited Kingdom
Dental TripsTurkeyDentistryNetherlands
Dental Trips TurkeyTurkeyDentistryTurkey
dentalia MexicoDentistryMexico
Dentalight LLCUSA United States of America
DentalukindiaIndia, UKDentistryIndia
DentaNorm Estethic/Cosmetic DentistryTurkeyDentistryTurkey
Dentaprime Dental ClinicBulgariaDentistryBulgaria
DENTART Implant & Aesthetic DentistryTurkeyDentistryTurkey
Dentart KlinikHungaryDentistryHungary
DentaTurism Clinic CenterRomaniaDentistryRomania
Dentaydin University Dental HospitalTurkeyDentistryTurkey
Dentex Dental ClinicCroatiaDentistryCroatia
DenticijaLithuania Lithuania
Dentim EuropePolandDentistryPoland
Dentinel LtdHungaryDentistryHungary
Dentist AbroadHungaryDentistryUnited Kingdom
Dentist Abroad - GermanyGermanyDentistryGermany
Dentist and Holiday in HungaryHungaryDentistryHungary
Dentist in TurkeyTurkeyDentistryTurkey
Dentist TijuanaMexicoDentistryMexico
Dentist4UKHungaryDentistryUnited Kingdom
Dentista IncPhilippinesDentistryPhilippines
Dentistry TodayIndiaDentistryIndia