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Shen zhen ChinaCancer Therapy Biotechnologies.Co. Ltd

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Shen zhen ChinaCancer Therapy Biotechnologies.Co. Ltd
At Cancer Therapy China (sponsered by China Cancer Centers Ltd.) we are dedicated to providing cancer patients and their families with information about the newest and most promising cancer treatments currently available in the world. Using our labs and technology, we pair patients with the best hospitals in China to receive treatments for their particular cancer.

China has quickly become a place of cancer expertise as many of its hospitals and research facilities open up to the world to share their industry-leading research. Numerous treatments offered in China have not found their way over to many western countries that still use traditional methods of combating cancer through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. While sometimes effective, we realize that these treatments have powerful side effects that make dealing with cancer much more difficult and painful. Treatments we provide that are not available everywhere in the world include gene therapy (Gendicine), immunotherapy (CIK or DC-CIK biotherapy), anti-angiogenesis drug therapy (Endostar), gentle chemotherapy, HIFU non-invasive surgery, Cryoablation minimal invasive surgery, cancer stem cell targeted treatment, Gamma knife and traditional Chinese medicine (herb). These have all shown promising results as well as very little detrimental side effects.

With doctors fluent in English and top-quality treatment; our cancer treatment centers gladly welcome patients from around the world.
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No. A28 Xinxi Rd, Shangdi, Haidian District
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