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Health services in Cyprus: Cyprus Health Promotion Board Directory

Cyprus has achieved prominence for its excellent healthcare system offering value for money and quality medical treatment for patients from all over the world. In recent years, the Cyprus healthcare system has improved tremendously and is something that both the administration and the practitioners can be justifiably proud of.


The Cyprus Health Promotion Board brings together healthcare providers across Cyprus who deliver services to residents, holidaymakers, visitors and travelling patients.


Select one of the healthcare providers below to view details of their services.

OrganisationCountries where treatment is providedTreatments and services offeredCountry
2bbeautifulCyprus Cyprus
Achillion HospitalCyprus Cyprus
American Heart Institute  Cyprus
Apollonion Private HospitalCyprusCT and MRI scans, Surgery - SpineCyprus
Aradipoy Dental SalonCyprusDentistryCyprus
Aretaeio HospitalCyprus Cyprus
Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa ResortCyprus Cyprus
Biorama - Centre for Holistic MedicineCyprusMedical and health spasCyprus
Blue CrossCyprus Cyprus
Cyprus Dental AssociationCyprusDentistryCyprus
Cyprus Sun Med ConnectionsCyprus Cyprus
Cyprus Tourism OrganizationCyprus Cyprus
Demetris Portides Dental ClinicCyprusDentistryCyprus
Elodea Vitality CentreCyprusMedical and health spasCyprus
Harris Zavrides Plastic Surgery CentreCyprus Cyprus
HDC Medical Trichological CentreCyprus United Kingdom
Hippocrateon Private Hospital Cyprus Cyprus
Iasis HospitalCyprusInfertility treatmentCyprus
Morfi ClinicCyprus Cyprus
Pantheo Eye CentreCyprus Cyprus
Private Hospital YgiasCyprus Cyprus
Royal Artemis Medical CentreCyprus Cyprus
Saint George's HospitalCyprus Cyprus
Santa Marina PolyclinicCyprus Cyprus
St Raphael Private HospitalCyprus Cyprus
Thalassaemia International FederationCyprus Cyprus
The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and GeneticsCyprus Cyprus