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Health tourism blog: 2007

The Health Tourism Blog is written by Keith Pollard, a regular speaker and commentator on medical tourism and the independent healthcare sector.  The Health Tourism Blog addresses some of the challenges and issues faced in the health tourism and medical travel sector, and provides suggestions on how both the industry and the individual participants can maximise the business opportunities that the marketplace presents.

  • EU Cross-border Healthcare Directive boosts health tourism planeThe new EU Cross-border Healthcare Directive which is to be announced today intends to lift restrictions on patients travelling for treatment in other EU countries. Patients wishing to travel to other EU countries for medical treatment will be able to reclaim the cost of treatment from the NHS and will only have to pay their travel and accommodation costs, plus any top-up fees if charges in the... 19/12/2007
  • Dental tourism....without going abroad? Dec 14 2007This week sees news that two buy-to-let-property development millionaires plan to open a series of drive-in dental centres close to motorway junctions around the UK. Having seen the growth of dental tourism in the UK, they have decided to bring overseas dentists to the British patient, offering prices for dental treatment which will be competitive with those in countries such as Poland and... 14/12/2007
  • British patient wins NHS payment for treatment abroad Dec 4 2007Another British patient has succeeded in recouping the cost of treatment abroad from the NHS. Ann Belshaw of Suffolk took the Suffolk Primary Care Trust to court to pay for a scan at a private clinic in Germany. The NHS originally told her that she would have to wait a year for a scan on her back at the Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge. 04/12/2007
  • EU proposals promise boost to medical tourism Nov 26 2007European Commission proposals to be released next week will increase patient mobility within the EU and give NHS patients access to hospitals across the Continent; patients in other EU countries will will also have access to NHS hospitals. 26/11/2007
  • Cosmetic surgery abroad under fire in the UK press Nov 20 2007The growth of medical tourism is attracting more and more attention to issues such as quality of treatment, accreditation of surgeons and dentists, hospitals and clinics. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons this week launched an attack on botched cosmetic work carried out by surgeons overseas, based on a study of 36 UK plastic surgeons who reported having to correct surgery... 20/11/2007
  • New health index means good news for medical tourism companies Dec 14 2007The recently published Euro Health Consumer Index provides some interesting insights into the state of the UK health services and some encouragement for those who see the UK as a developing market for outbound medical tourists. The Index rates the public healthcare systems in 29 European countries on many factors such as clinical outcomes, quality of care, access to health services and patient... 14/11/2007
  • UK media gives medical tourism a favourable press Nov 11 2007The UK press continues to provide plenty of coverage for medical tourism, the vast majority of which is incredibly positive. Whereas the media are usually quick to find the "bad news" story, this has certainly not been the case with medical tourism. The recent exception was this story "How my smile was ruined by a dodgy dentist" in the Daily Mail. 11/11/2007
  • How many medical tourists are there? April 18 2007There has always been speculation about the true number of medical tourists travelling from the UK for treatment abroad. We've just completed the first ever survey of medical tourism providers, and have come up with some interesting data on the medical tourism market. The Treatment Abroad Medical Tourism Survey 2007 (www.treatmentabroad.net), reveals that over 50,000 people travelled abroad for... 18/04/2007
  • New association formed for medical tourism Woman in wheelchair on a beach abroadAt the recent World Health Tourism Congress in Cyprus, the launch of the International Medical Travel Association (IMTA) was announced. The IMTA seeks to represent the interests of medical travellers and the medical travel industry including healthcare providers and medical travel facilitators. The association currently has 26 registered members from across the world. Dr Steven Tucker, Medical... 18/04/2007
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About me

Keith Pollard

Keith Pollard

I am CEO of Intuition Communication Ltd, a web publishing business in the healthcare sector. Our sites include International Medical Travel Journal, Treatment Abroad, the medical tourism portal, DoctorInternet, the Arabic medical tourism portal and Private Healthcare UK, the UK's leading site for private healthcare services. I am a regular speaker and commentator on medical tourism and the independent healthcare sector.