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Medical travel: Articles and features: 2013

Our articles and features on medical tourism and medical tourism services are written by some of the leading experts on medical tourism and medical travel.

If you have a medical tourism or medical travel article that you think may be of interest to our readers, please submit it using the form. (Read our Article Submission Guidelines before submitting your article).

  • Man using laptop for social media How consumerism, globalization and the internet are changing health careRuben Toral, a health care marketing consultant and founder of Medeguide, looks at how medical tourism has entered the mainstream, and how its disruptive model will change the nature of healthcare.
  • Medical tourism - the imperfect market Medical tourism - the imperfect marketForget about selling on cost. It's about value for money, quality and customer service. Ian Youngman explains why medical tourism is a far from perfect market.
  • Medical tourism at what price? Medical tourism.... at what price? (Part one)For many destinations and healthcare providers, attracting medical tourists is all about offering the lowest price. And for many patients, price is indeed a key determinant of choice... but certainly not the sole factor.
  • Kevin's new knee Employer sponsored medical tourism: Kevin's new kneeMany medical tourism destinations and international hospitals are pursuing the American dream and see the USA as a lucrative market for their medical tourism services. Companion Global Healthcare is one of the few businesses that has understood the opportunity in US employer sponsored medical...
  • Cosmetic surgery regulation Cosmetic surgery tourism... Time for regulation?This week I attended, a Stakeholder Conference focusing on cosmetic surgery tourism. The event was organised by the research team at the University of Leeds which is delivering the ESRC funded research project, Sun, Sea, Sand and Silicone.
  • Greece The development of Greece as a health tourism destinationGreece has, until now, been one of the laggards in exploring the opportunities offered by the health tourism sector. The financial challenges faced by the country and the upheaval created by EU policy have been the focus. Constantine Constantinides explains how times are changing.
  • Kreativ Dental Clinic The Kreativ solution to dental tourismHungary's success in dental tourism is down to the excellence and entrepreneurial drive of Hungary's dentists. IMTJ takes a look at one of these - Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest.
  • Polish cities Few healthcare providers in Poland focus solely on medical tourismAn interview with Adrian P. Lubowiecki-Vikuk, PhD of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, and an expert on medical tourism at the Polish Association of Medical Tourism about the development potential of this segment in Poland, and the consequences of the delay in the implementation of the...
  • Stethoscope and medical paperwork on clipboard Why medical tourists need specialist medical travel insurance: Part 2Ian Youngman from IMTJ continues his review of the use and availability of specialist travel insurance for medical tourism. Globally only a handful of agencies and insurers have introduced specialist medical travel insurance covers, and in the last five years, of those that launched, less than one...
  • MIHTE 2013 Report from MIHTE 2013: Malaysia International Heathcare Travel ExpoAt MIHTE 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia demonstrated how collaboration between a government and providers of both medical and non-medical service providers can deliver the synergy that is required for a destination to drive forward a medical tourism initiative.
  • Woman with suitcase holding passport Why medical tourists need specialist medical travel insurance: Part 1For emerging destinations, new hospital and facility development is sometimes seen as the route to success in medical tourism. But governments and investors need to realise that the road to the promised land of medical tourism isn't just about building the road
  • Speaker in meeting holding graphs The role of governments in developing medical tourism programsHow do governments balance the sometimes conflicting interests of a medical tourism program with the needs of a public healthcare system? Can an investment in medical tourism deliver economic benefits without drawing needed resources away from doemstic patient care? Hakki Sunar considers the...
  • Costs and prices Price transparency in medical tourism: Participate in IMTJ Medical Tourism PriceWatch 2013As the medical tourism market develops, there's an increasing need to provide reliable, well-researched data on aspects of the international patient market. IMTJ Medical Tourism PriceWatch 2013, will aim to compile pricing information on over 100 treatments and procedures, in more than 80 medical...
  • Luxury beach hotel Luxury in the context of medical tourismIs medical tourism... healthcare for the financially challenged? The sector is dominated by the concept of frugality and low cost. In his Second Opinion column, Dr Constantine Constantinides from healthCare cybernetics explores the concept of luxury medical travel.
  • Exponential growth graph Five medical tourism mythsOne of the greatest challenges facing anyone working in the medical tourism sector is working out what is fact and what is fiction. It is an industry surrounded by hype.... and hope. Unfortunately, there are precious few facts around and many oft-repeated myths.
  • Business handshake U.S. Academic Medical Centers and medical facilitators: A changing relationship?Shifting market trends offer new incentives for U.S. Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) to warm-up to the idea of medical tourism. Innovative business models between AMCs and medical facilitation companies are also helping the ice to thaw, and may represent a new channel for AMCs in non-traditional...
  • Money changing hands Kickbacks, commissions and medical tourism facilitatorsIn the healthcare sector, critics are drawing attention to the financial relationships that exist between hospitals and doctors and referrers. In the medical tourism sector, is it time we took a serious look at the commissions paid to medical tourism agencies and facilitators?
  • Hospital construction We're building a new hospital to encourage medical tourismFor emerging destinations, new hospital and facility development is sometimes seen as the route to success in medical tourism. But governments and investors need to realise that the road to the promised land of medical tourism isn't just about building the road
  • Decreasing stacks of coins The bankruptcy of conventional medical tourismIn his Second Opinion column, Dr Constantine Constantinides from healthCare cybernetics proposes that we re-think our approach to medical tourism. Out with conventional thinking... and in with a more contemporary approach to medical tourism.
  • Pregnant woman The growth of egg donation services and infertility treatment in South AfricaJenny Currie, the founder and owner of the baby2mom Egg Donation Agency, provides the background to the growth of egg donation services and infertility treatment in South Africa.
  • Cyprus Cyprus... at the crossroads of medical tourismCyprus was one of the first entrants into the European medical tourism sector, and, at an early stage, the country established a national initiative to promote medical tourism. IMTJ spoke to Polis Peratikos, Executive Secretary of the Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board about the current market...
  • Making decisions on a laptop Understanding customer choice and regional medical tourismHow well does the medical tourism industry understand its customers? If it's not all about price, how do medical tourists make decisions about destinations and healthcare providers? Is regional and cross border the dominant trend in medical tourism?
  • EU What is the EU Directive on Cross Border Healthcare all about?The EU Directive on Cross Border Healthcare has been described as the most significant and wide-ranging European health legislation in a generation. The deadline for implementation of the EU Directive in each EU state is October this year.
  • Crowd at medical tourism conference Don't give up, but don't get fooled; getting a return from medical tourism conferences and trade showsThere are around two health and medical tourism conferences going on every month somewhere in the world. It's a phenomenal number for a small but developing sector. Irving Stackpole of Stackpole & Associates highlights some of the pluses and some of the pitfalls of participation. Why go fishing...
  • Surgeon with arms folded Stem cell therapy... the dark side of medical tourism?At Treatment Abroad, we recently received correspondence regarding a UK family's experience of stem cell tourism. Their story is a warning to anyone who is considering the option of unregulated and unproven stem cell therapy and to those in the industry who promote such miracle cures to desperate...
  • Crowd sourcing Is medical tourism stuck in the 20th century?Is medical tourism making the most of the crowd and the power of social media? Is medical tourism about dealing with consumers, customers or patients? The future of medical tourism is in the consumer's hands. So, where will they take it?
  • Israel An overview of medical tourism in IsraelSharon Robinson, a member of the marketing team at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem provides an overview of Israel's inbound international patient business.
  • Stethescope and gavel The role of the state and governments in health tourism development and promotionIn his Second Opinion column, Dr Constantine Constantinides from healthCare cybernetics looks at the differences between the roles of the state and governments in developing health tourism and what they can contribute to establishing a health tourism destination.
  • Businessman holding and assessing globe Didn't I just see that country on the news?With political unrest affecting some medical tourism destinations, Ian Youngman looks at how political risk assessment needs to be factored into healthcare investment and medical tourism development.
  • Positive feedback: Patient and doctors Developments in certification for medical tourism and international patient servicesIMTJ spoke to Claudia Mika, Managing Director of Temos GmbH about the progress that they are making in the certification of international patient services and the issues that the medical tourism industry faces.
  • Planning training In medical travel: Don't Just Do It!When it comes to planning a medical tourism strategy, it's vital to Think first, and do it afterwards. Elizabeth Ziemba, President of Medical Tourism Training, Inc explains how the Field of Dreams approach to medical tourism development can lead to disaster and why a well-designed feasibility study...
  • Graph of medical tourism statistics Medical Tourism growth is dependent on quality of foreign healthcareJoseph Gregory and Analysts at GlobalData explains why the long term growth of medical tourism depends on the availability of comparative data on outcomes for foreign patients.
  • Hospital garden Which is the most beautiful hospital in the world?Destination attractiveness in medical tourism is not about beauty. But is the look of a hospital important in attracting patients? Will a patient feel better about treatment in a more beautiful hospital? To what extent does the environment affect the patient experience?
  • Pie chart showing different segments The medical tourism niche good news or bad news?Ian Youngman has been studying the broader aspects of global tourism, and is fascinated to see the number and variety of existing and new market niches that exist. So, where does medical tourism rank as a tourism niche?
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